Download WAT Remover for Windows

Windows 7 Loader, Activator and WGA Killer, all-in-one, easy to use, cracks already nagged systems!

From the cracker:
This is a little tool that removes WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) completely from the OS, whilst still retaining genuine status and receiving all updates (optional aswell). You can also pass the genuine check in things like Windows Defender.

There will be no windows activation section in control panel (thanks to nononsence)
no slmgr, no nags, no prompts, nothing. WAT gone.

Note: This has been tested & verified as working and very easy to use by a friend on 3/20/2010

Update: I have now too, tested and verified that this works on 3/25/2010.

File Type: RAR

File Size: 6.36 MB

URL Download via

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RemoveWat download window activator

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