5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have More Twitter Followers

If you’re like most online startups out there, you’ve probably been told you need a Twitter account. And as a result, read a million articles explaining how to gain followers, tried a handful of strategies, and gotten lackluster results. You’re retweeting, you’re posting pictures, hashtagging and working your butt off just to get an additional two or three measly followers. There’s no magic pill, but here's 5 reasons why you might not be maximizing on your work and successes.
1) Stop posting during random hours
You might have the most funny, interesting, informative tweet, but if no one sees it when it goes up, you’re not going to get a whole lot of feedback. Start posting at peak Twitter traffic times, and stick to a schedule. Or if you want to go a step further, you can use this tool to check the location of your followers, and find the best tweet time to maximize viewership. It might be tempting to rattle off your “genius” quote or advice at 1am, but do yourself a favor, hold onto it and then fire it off the next day. Because if your writing some great content and nobody sees it, what’s the point?
2) Don’t tweet unless it’s offering value
Far too often, companies or individuals will have a great tweet but then bury it with a bunch of filler, which completely dilutes the quality of your content. Every single one of your tweets should be offering value. What does that mean? It means, post relevant quality content directed at your audience. And if you still aren’t 100% sure who your audience is, get to know them with this tool, which delivers a smorgasbord of information such as your followers age, likes and interests, location, accounts followed.. etc. No one wants to hear about your “worst morning ever” or  how sunny it is outside. So if you aren’t creating tweets that are offering true value, don't tweet. Post content that YOU yourself would feel inclined to retweet.
Every single one of your tweets should be offering value (tweet this)
3) Don’t Abuse Hashtags
All these guides always tell you to get in the conversation by using hashtags. While hashtags are a great way to become part of the universal conversation, especially joining in on news worthy topics, there is nothing inherently magical about them. So using the tag #mondaymorningchillin has no purpose other than entertainment. If you don’t know what hashtags to use, check out this relevant list and if you want to find out the frequency and history of specific hashtags check this out. 
Stop using hashtags for the sake of using hashtags, there is nothing inherently magical about them (tweet this)
4) Have an informative and interesting bio
No one wants to follow a stranger, in real life or online. So if you don’t already have info about what you do, who you are, what your company is, get that up now. You can have great entertaining tweets, get some retweets and attention, but if you don’t have a bio or compelling tag line explaining who you are, then why would a stranger want to follow you? 
5) Make your tweets shorter for retweets
Everyone says retweets are the key to gain new followers, go viral and gain a million trillion followers over night. But for most people, even to get one retweet can be a daunting task. If you want to get closer to the elusive retweet, remember to keep it shorter than usual. Short enough for people to add the RT symbol and your username (“RT @Launchbit”). Launchbit takes up 13 characters, including the space. That means our tweets can be no longer than 127 characters (140–13=127).
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