How to hide the Facebook ticker?

Facebook added a sidebar ticker to the right of the newly redesigned News Feed. Learn how to remove it in Chrome and Firefox.

Most of you should have the new Facebook timeline by now, and hopefully you are enjoying the new experience. 

There has been one small thing that has really been bugging me though, and that is the little annoying ticker to the right of the stream. Apparently I am not the only one who has this feeling, as Facebook has now provided a way for us to hide this feature.
Looks at the top right of the ticker as show in the photo below and simply click the arrow.

Thankfully, there are quick and easy ways in both Firefox and Chrome to get rid of the ticker.
In Chrome, simply install the Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker extension and the ticker will vanish.
In Firefox, you will need to install a user script. To do so, first install the Greasemonkey add-on and then install this user script. When prompted, restart Firefox and the ticker will be gone. Do note that this user script removes the entire right column of Facebook, including the ticker, event invitations, ads, sponsored stories, friends' photos, and so on.

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