How to make a Free International Call?

Is it possible to make free international call? The Answer is, "Yes" and it's 100% working as I have tested this free calling. You call call any number from your number for free. If you want to make free international calls just follow the steps given below.

1. Go to and register there for a free account.

2. You will recieve a verification email to verify your account which includes the verification link just click that link to activate your account.

3. Now login to your mobivox account with your email id and pin number.

4. After logging click on direct webcall.

5. Select hte country in which you want to make free call.

6. Enter your desired number you wish to make free call to.

7. After that you will recieve a call on your mobile phone and then you will be connected to the number to entered earlier in step 6.

Now you can talk to that person for five minutes only. If you wish to talk more you have to add some money in your account.

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