Create Your Own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Photo

The DOT Slogan It’s more fun in the Philippines has already become an internet meme. Join the fun! Here’s a site where you can make your own It’s more fun in the Philippines meme.

Generate your own 'It's More Fun In The Philippines' campaign image with the MoreFunMaker site

Go to this site to start creating your own More fun in the Philippines meme. --> CLICK!!!



Release Date
January 5, 2012

DOT Campaign Slogan

It's More Fun in the Philippines is the official campaign slogan of Department of Tourism promoting our local tourist destination and helps to boost our tourism industry.

Discover the beauty of nature in the Philippines!
Get travel tips on where, when and how to make the most out of your vacation in any of our 7,107 islands. Find out why it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Philippine Tourist Destinations

It’s more fun in the Philippines:

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