How to earn money on Twitter?

How it works

Use these links and badges to spread the word about SponsoredTweets. When a tweeter signs up using one of your links or badges you will receive 10% of SponsoredTweets portion of revenue for each successful transaction that Tweeter makes. If you sign up an Advertiser you will earn 5% of Sponsored Tweets earnings for each transaction they make. Referral revenue will not be earned on promotional funds issued by SponsoredTweets.

Sponsored Tweets is one of the best affiliate programs for Twitter, which you will earn for every offer or transaction accepted by the advertiser, and will pay you to sponsor their tweet, through advertising their own product just to gain sales and commissions on their company. There are two types of members to be applied in the Sponsored Tweets affiliate program:
1. Advertisers – these type of members are now very familiar to tweeters who use the platform in which their main objective is to provide good quality traffic from their twitter pages, this in turn will give the Sponsored Tweets provided by the advertisers great potentials to earn huge traffic and conversions based on the number of clicks they gain from the sponsored tweets. As an advertiser you may browse the twitter pages you would like to advertise on and place advertising with the appropriate bid amount you are happy on paying.
2. Tweeter – When you register, on the question they ask ‘What are you doing?”. It is free to join and you just have to sit and wait until you will be notified of the newest offers over and over again. On their tasks, you must follow the advertiser’s instructions on tweeting their link using your Twitter account. You set a bid of your own account based on the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the higher your bid will be set per tweet. I see some of the advertisers pay as much as $50 per single tweet due which is usually based upon the amount of followers you have. The more followers you have the more you will get paid.
Once you are done with that than here comes the most waited part, Sign Up for the sponsored tweets account and login to your dashboard. Now you have to set the “charge per tweet” amount so that much amount an advertiser has to pay you. Make sure you don’t charge too high. I recommend you to go for $2 that will be good. Enter the keyword of your choice so that category of advertiser will contact you and once they contact you start tweeting about them and that’s it you will get your first payment from Sponsored Tweets.
There is no doubt here guys, as Sponsored Tweets will allow you to earn money as a tweeter and to earn huge traffic as an advertiser. Strategy is always there and you will be successful one day which depends on your number of followers, keyword usage and unique promotions.
In Sponsored Tweets the main thing to get this is you need to have huge number of followers only then the advertiser will select your profile for such promotion otherwise you can’t do anything. Now you are thinking that how to get huge number of twitter followers so don’t worry about that on how you can increase your twitter follower to a huge number click this link and first increase your twitter followers and make sure you get this number to above 1000 than only the chances are high.
How To Increase Your Twitter Followers?
1. First of all Create Your Account At Twiends.
Note: (You can also login Via your Twitter Account)
2. When you make your account you are rewarded with FREE 50 Seeds so others can follow you and earn seeds.
3. Make sure you can verify your email and 3 others simple steps.
4. Finally you are done and Happy Tweeting.
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