Two Things Manny Pacquio Won

In his fight with Tim Bradley, Manny Pacquiao may have deserved that belt, but he gained more.

After watching how Manny accepted the judges' decision with grace and self-control, he has earned our respect and admiration.

Manny says, "Let's give credit to Bradley. He did well tonight, I respect him, and that's the decision. I respect the officials. … It's part of the game, I give thanks to the Lord."

Manny knew he should've won and yet, he chose to be a gentleman. He could've been mad at the judges or could have blamed someone else. Instead, he gave Bradley his "time to shine" (it didn't last long though) For that, Manny, you've earned our respect. 

As a Christian, it's easy to question God and say, "Why God?!?"Yet, you see a man who is humble before the Lord. Even after a questionable defeat he says, "I give thanks to the Lord." 

It's easy to thank God when you're winning. But to thank the Lord at all times? (in this case, losing) That's always easier said that done! 

And yet, he did.  

I believe that his renewed faith gave him security. He knows that he is not just a title holder – there's more into his identity.

I'm excited to see what's next in the life of this champion. 

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