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Adobe Photoshop CS6 
The world’s best digital image editing software is about to get even better. Explore Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 beta for a sneak preview of some of the incredible performance enhancements, imaging magic, and creativity tools we are working on. Discover for yourself why Photoshop CS6 software will be a whole new experience in digital image editing.

Links to download all with built-in Activation Patch.
Photoshop CS6 13.0 Extended

Link to download the patch only for Windows  Activation - Patch for PC Download 

Serial Number:

- 1330-1140-0040-0387-6323-5056
- 1330-1297-5417-9819-5202-4830
- 1330-1524-4517-4385-6238-4185
- 1330-1703-5455-0143-4953-8881
- 1330-1237-8234-3346-4019-2756
- 1330-1126-0756-7511-8474-4018
- 1330-1623-4993-5955-8490-0277
- 1330-1489-4882-6107-6663-4748
- 1330-1903-0882-3243-3545-6511
- 1330-1890-9237-0107-4226-8139
- 1330-1700-2499-9395-9771-7015
- 1330-1638-2828-2495-8057-8962
- 1330-1425-7234-0124-8904-4381

Download Trial Version for Mac and Windows PC:
- Photoshop CS6 Beta
- Photoshop CS6 Extended

--> Adobe Photoshop CS6 v13.0 Extended Final Multilingual Keygen

Minimum System Requirements to Install Photoshop CS6 on Mac and Windows:

- Click Here

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