VIDEO GAMES: Launch Trailer and Stan Lee tries best 'Spider-Man' impression

A launch trailer and extended Stan Lee vignette have been released for Beenox's movie tie-in game, The Amazing Spider-Man. Hit the jump to check out the final trailer and featurette!

It's hard to watch a Marvel Comics film without spotting at least one cameo from comics legend Stan Lee. 

But his appearance in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man video game goes one step further, as his virtual self will sling webs and dish out punishment to criminals as if he were the friendly neighborhood superhero himself.

Check out the above video with the first peek behind the scenes of Lee's appearance in the Spider-Man game, including several scenes of Lee beating down enemies all while wearing a buttoned-up suit.

The Spider-Man game brings the Marvel hero back to an open-world environment, battling enemies such as Scorpion and the Rhino along the way. It's available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

For a closer look, here's another video you'll find only on Game Hunters: the official Amazing Spider-Man launch trailer.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game is developed by Beenox and hits store shelves June 26th

Source: ComicBook Movie

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