How to Shutdown your computer in 2 seconds?

SuperFast Shutdown - A utility to instantly shutdown or reboot your PC Have you ever wished there was a faster way to shutdown your Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer system? I mean instantly shut it down! Now you can! Just install Super Fast Shutdown and click on one of the desktop icons created to reboot or shutdown instantly.

Superfast Shutdown is extremely powerful! Use at your own risk! Although it has never been reported, regular usage could possibly cause disk corruption.

Note: Some antivirus and antispyware programs flag SuperFast Shutdown as being infected/malware, although the application is perfectly safe and does not pose a threat to your system. This is called a 'false positive'.

The term false positive is used when antivirus software wrongly classifies an innocuous
(inoffensive) file as a virus.

The incorrect detection may be due to heuristics or to an incorrect virus signature in a database. [Similar problems can occur with antitrojan or antispyware software.]

Windows XP
Downloads: Super Fast Shutdown 2.0 - Link 1 - Link 2

Windows 7
Downloads: Click Here
How to Shutdown Windows 7? Click This

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