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How to setup Ardamax Keylogger and make remote packages?

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The first step is to download the Ardamax keylogger and install it.
After installation  you will see the icon of Ardamax in the lower-left corner of the PC. Left-Click on it and goto "Options". Like shown below:

Then a Window will open. In this first 'Goto" Invisibility Tab. and TICK all the options as shown below. This will make the keylogger fully Invisible on the PC.

After that goto Option and select the Hotkey by which you will again open the Ardamax as shown below ,because it will no more visible any where. 

Now the keylogger is fully Invisible and will record the keystrokes and pictures. You will need Hotkey to open this Viewer again.
Remote Package Creation

This part is easy just follow the following steps:
  • Right-Click on the Ardamax icon and goto "Remote Installation.."

Then just click "Next" till you reach "Control", Here you select the information that will be sent.

Then click "Next" and you will come to the "Email" here fill the information about the email which will receive the information.

Then just click "Next" and then on the "Destination" page select the Icon of the Package, then click "Finish". Now you have completed the work. The package that has been created can now be sent to anyone and then it will sent you the Keystrokes and Pictures on the "Email" that you gave.

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