Best 10 Apps For Your iPad

Hey you guys do u want to know which App is the best for your iPad come join me in taking the tour of the 10 best app which revolves around your app world these are the most favorite for almost all the kind of people

1. iMovie

iMovie is for instant video editing. You can shoot 720p video on your iPad 2 camera. With iMovie, editing videos and uploading them to social network sites are brilliantly easier. The app has received a revamped version for iPad 2. The app works smoothly thanks to the tablet’s dual core A5 processor. iMovie is priced at £2.99.
2. GarageBand
It is a comprehensive music app for iPad 2. GarageBand has the digital versions of most of your favorite musical instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, bass and vocals. The app lets you even record the music you produce. There is also the facility to lay down a track and edit it as per your wishes on GarageBand. The app is priced at £2.99 on iTunes.
3. PhotoBooth
PhotoBooth is an app that brings you stupid pictures of yourself. Using the iPad 2’s dual camera, the app can capture images. After taking your own image, you can add silly effects into them to get several distorted images. The app can be downloaded for free of cost and it is now one of hot apps on iTunes.
4. RealRacing 2 HD
Apple iPad 2’s high resolution display is one of the best platforms to play RealRacing 2 HD. You will have an exalted experience to play the title on iPad 2. Great responsiveness of iPad 2’s touchscreen and its brilliant clarity will certainly bring you a matchless experience with RealRacing 2 HD on the device. The game is with a price of £5.99.
5. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD car racing is another outstanding game for iPad 2. Thanks to the device’s superbly clear display and highly responsive touchscreen, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD will be your favorite game on iPad 2. Real-time reflections of cars and textures are there on iPad 2. The car racing title is available for grabs at £3.99.

6. Twitter app
Twitter is a leading micro-blogging site. You can install the official client of Twitter to use the platform on iPad 2. Updating and reading status messages will be stunningly simple on the official Twitter app. Don’t forget to download Twitter app on your iPad as soon you get a copy of the device. The app is free.
7. Facebook app
Facebook is the world’s top social networking site with more than 700 million members. You can track most of your friends and relatives on Facebook now. So getting the official Facebook app on iPad 2 is greatly important. The Facebook app has just arrived on iPad. Yet, it is now one of hot iPad 2 apps. You can download Facebook app for free of cost.
8. Yahoo! Messenger
FaceTime video chatting is there on iPad 2. However, for those who use Yahoo! Messenger, its official app will be unavoidable. Yahoo! Messenger supports video, textual and voice chatting on iPad 2. It is one of early Instant Messaging services in the world.
9. QuickPix – 59p
QuickPix is a famous camera application. It can boost up the camera of an iPad 2 with many photo-shooting features. You can augment the clarity and perfection of images using QuickPix – 59. It is also one of hotly downloaded iPad 2 apps from iTunes.
10. Google Earth
Do you love to keep watching of maps? Then, you have the iPad 2-customized version of Google Earth, an outstanding map service. The app can be downloaded for free of cost. On a better Internet connection, you can enjoy maps in several modes quite superbly. Rightly, there is no competitor to Google Earth.
These are ten top iPad 2 apps for you. There are thousands of other apps and games available for iPad 2 on iTunes. The latest version of Apple’s tablet is now doing great with lots of features and, of course, with many valuable apps. Enjoy your iPad 2 at its maximum with all great apps.

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