"Happy Yipee Yehey!" To Bid Goodbye This February?

There have been rumors that are circulating like wildfire that the ABS-CBN noontime show, "Happy Yipee Yehey!" is soon facing the ax. According to rumors, the show will only be airing until the end of January 2012.

As of now, there hadn’t been any possible replacement for the show considering they only have barely few weeks left. With the show gone, the Kapamilya network's talent show "Showtime" will temporarily fill the void until ABS-CBN has developed a new show to compete with the undisputed leader "Eat Bulaga!"

I saw "Happy Yipee Yehey!"'s intro it's pretty energetic but they are going up against an institution, the hosts are not as charismatic as Willie although, they can be. It's not like the shows ratings are just going to boost up, it will go higher, slowly which I think the show's picking up.

Some fans are posting some requests to ABS-CBN in some forums and social media accounts:

Really its not that bad. The only people that needs to leave this show are the people who are useless.... aheemmm Rico. They should also get rid of the CURRENT PRODUCERS and CREATIVE DIRECTORS. they're the ones to blame because they had a year and they lacked creativity. They get paid big bucks to do that and nothing...... Introduce other new Co-hosts but please keep POKWANG, TONI, JOHN, RANDY, BENTONG, PRATTY?.... I don't get why they don't add Pooh or other comedians...

Also, if the rumors aren't true and HYY is not ending, I really do hope that we do get to see changes to the show and that Rico gets the boot. I want the new staff to do what is necessary and listen to those who want the show to succeed. I don't want another My Girl with RJR. I want to see new segments or the return of segments like Launch-A-Funny Taym, Happy Ka-Family, or WOF. I also want to see new and fresh faces. Out with the old. It's 2012, a new year, and as we approach the one-year anniversary, we need to see the changes.

It seems like fans are still going to look forward that everyday HYY will give it's very best so let's just hope that.

For me they're getting better and considering they've been almost here for a year now. But I really hope that by their first anniversary, that they'll be shaping up some reformat changes to refreshen viewers like us to watch a better HYY than a predictable HYY. Hopefully new hosts too.

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