How To Enable Hibernation?

What is hibernation in context of computers?
You might be aware of ‘Sleepmode’ or ‘Standby’, in Standby the computer keeps all your programs and data opened and saves it in RAM, as RAM is a volatile memory, the computer must be kept on.
Hibernation mode is same as Standby mode but unlike Standby mode, in hibernation mode all opened programs and data is saved in Hard drive instead of RAM so there is no need of keeping computer on, so hibernation mode save power.

How to enable Hibernation mode?
1. Log-in into account with Administrative privileges
2. Open ‘Command Prompt’, Start -> Run, type CMD and hit enter
Press WinKey + R, type CMD and hit enter
[Make sure command prompt is 'run as administrator']
3. Now type powercfg /hibernate on and hit enter
4. Type exit and hit enter, the command prompt will get closed
Now you will see ‘Hibernate’ option in Start Menu or When you Click on Shutdown
(In Shutdown menu, hold ‘SHIFT’ key)

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