Download Temple Run for PC

We have found that the game is now also available for PCs and laptops. You can download Temple Run for PC using the method shown below and you will be able to play it on your PC or laptop. The same method applies to download Temple Run for both Windows and Mac.

  1. Download Bluestacks from their website.
  2. Install Bluestacks.
  3. Remember that without the video software such as ooVoo, Bluestacks will have hiccups. So don’t miss to download it, install, and make a test call – download it from here
  4. Open Twitter app on Bluestacks.
  5. Click on Sign up button and then terms and condition link
  6. Open it in browser (click browser 3 times when asked on screen)
  7. Download temple run for PC from this link (new version 2.0 is now available here)
  8. Install it and play temple run on your PC and Mac.
  9. You might want to put your high score in the comment box. Best, if you upload a picture and post a link to your score. Let us see who maintains the rank of top scorer in temple run.
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