Facebook Testing New 2013 Profile Page

Announcing an update to timeline to help people express what's important to them. They are introducing better ways for apps to appear on timeline, improved controls for users, and streamlined tools for setting up Open Graph.
The new timeline layout is sometimes hard to read. Starting today, all posts are on the right side of your timeline, with photos, music and other recent activity on the left.

I am so curious about the news that Facebook has started rolling out a new profile page design! According to reports, the new design will feature a single-column timeline. The revamped profile page will also do away with the separate boxes for friends, maps, photos and likes. All these items will now appear in horizontally in a menu at the top of the page. These changes sound great to me! Additional modifications to the design include status updates and interactions moving over to the left, while Instagram photos and other recent activity is featured on the right.
We are so used to today’s Facebook, it’s tough to imagine it any other way, but I have to admit – I’m excited! Can you believe that the new Facebook 2013 look is only live for users in US? I wonder when it will arrive in the Philippines?
What do you think – do these changes sound positive?

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