How to use WhatsApp on PC or Mac

All ­­­of you out there would have used or at least have heard about WhatsApp. It’s nothing but a messenger which allows you to text for free to other users of the app, regardless of which platform they’re using. They do have some neat customization tools and some great group chat features and a lot more. So go ahead and convince your friends into downloading this app and then you can send free texts and chat endlessly. Normally, WhatsApp is for mobile users, but now using some slight tweaks we can use WhatsApp right from your Windows or Mac running computer. So here is how to use WhatsApp on PC or Mac.

We need an android emulator to run WhatsApp on your computer. Two of the best emulators are Bluestacks and Youwave. These android emulators work not only with Whatsapp but with many otherapps as well.

Steps for Bluestacks

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks.
  2. Click on “Apps”
  3. Under the “Social” tab, select “WhatsApp”
  4. Install WhatsApp.

Steps for Youwave

  1. Download and Install Youwave.
  2. Download ‘WhatsApp.apk’ and move the file to the PC Directory.
  3. Check the PC Directory by opening Youwave and clicking on Help -> Instruction.
  4. Move the apk file into that directory.
  5. Click view, and then click redraw icons. The WhatsApp icon would be present there.
Once you’ve installed WhatsApp using any of the android emulators given above, you would have to sign up using your mobile number. After about 5 minutes your account would be verified and you would be provided with a verification code. Enter that code. Voila! You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp on your computer.

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