How to make Fake Virus and Shutdown PC Using Notepad?

This article will show you how to shutdown your computer using a notepad, or we can consider it as a prank virus also so just follow these few simple steps to proceed: 

Open note pad in your computer. you can find it in programs > accessories > notepad. 
Type the following code in the notepad- "shutdown -s -t 45". 

Now save the file in .bat format. 

Run the batch file so formed. you will see a new window which will shutdown the system in 45 seconds. 

You can also rectify the shutdown precess by running "shutdown -a". 

Tips: You can play prank on others by naming this batch file as keygen of a game and ask them to run on their system. 

Warning:  Save the file with .bat extension. Do the coding as it is given above without any changes.

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